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The Brows

This 4-day intensive will teach you everything you need to walk away as a fully certified PMU artist.
If you’re ready to up level your life, your career, your bank balance, and become your own boss, this course is for you. Get in touch with us for course availability. Details below…

PMU Training

The Details

Set in an area of outstanding beauty situated on 5 acres of land in the village of Barham, with views spanning across the valleys of the Kent countryside, this course is run as a 4-day intensive, for small groups, with one-to-one available upon request.
Not only will you learn the most up-to-date techniques from one of the best in the business, you’ll also learn everything you need to become a successful business owner. From social media skills, to photography, we’ve got you covered.


Upon leaving this course, you will need to submit 9 case studies (3 for each technique) to obtain your fully qualified certification. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the training days.


Eyebrow Tattoo Training

including all styles:

Hairstroke Brows

A very natural eyebrow look, using the latest techniques to replicate the look of eyebrow hair.

Powder/Ombre Brows

The newest shading technique, with no harsh borders or heavy fronts. This is minimally invasive and is buildable from light to dark.

JA Incredibrow™

This is a combination of the other two techniques, and is generally the most loved brow.

The Full Details

  • WA full kit of everything that you will need.

    Yours to take home…

  • WShadow days. (Usually charged at £900 a day). It is encouraged that you attend a shadow day before and after your training.

    These are so worthwhile.

  • WOngoing support/mentoring throughout your career.

    Most academies don’t offer this service.

  • W30 hours of pre-study – including home support if needed.
  • WYour machine and practice materials (which are given 30 days prior to practical assessment days). The machine that you are provided allows you to use universal cartridges so that you’re not tied down to buying from one company.
  • WAnatomy and physiology level 3.
  • WBasic colour theory.
  • WBrow mapping.
  • WImportance of pre-draw before any permanent make up treatment.
  • WOne – to – one business skills.
  • WLifetime support.
  • WLearning photography skills.
  • WSocial media management
  • WDemonstrations on live models, as well as live models for you to practice on yourself.

Your Investment


Your Potential earnings....

TWO new treatments per week, priced at £250:

weekly turnover


monthly turnover


annual turnover


FIVE new treatments per week, priced at £250:

weekly turnover


monthly turnover


annual turnover


TEN new treatments per week, priced at £250:

weekly turnover


monthly turnover


annual turnover


** this example is not including any top-ups or any other added treatments - NEW treatments only.
ALSO NOTE that £250 is the treatment price based on national average on all treatments.
Final treatment price will be at your discretion. **

“The more you learn about the science of colour, the more confidence you can give the client.”

Jessica Abbott

Director, and sponsored artist

Why Choose Us

Why We Are the Best PMU Artists In Town

Jessica is a well known, respected artist in the industry. She is sponsored by one of the No.1 tattoo suppliers in the country, Killer Beauty. Jessica will showcase the latest trends for you to master. Jessica Abbott offers exclusive one to one hands-on training, as well as optional small groups. The demand for permanent makeup is soaring through the nations. It requires skill, patience and art.

With the correct training and ongoing mentoring that Jessica offers, you could be well on your way to the career of your dreams. Permanent makeup is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure, making the demand for it like never before. For this reason, there has never been a better time to enter permanent makeup and be your own boss.

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07889 628 359



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Saturday - Sunday: 11 am - 5:00 pm

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